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PP Box & Tray Manufacturer & Supplier

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Know About Brothers Packaging

Customized PP Box / Tray Manufacturer & Supplier

Trusted source for customized Reusable PP box and tray solutions, After serving the industry and gaining the customer trust for more than 12 years, We at BROTHERS PACKAGING started in 2020 with the mission of Committed to transforming into a green youth organization.

  • Packaging - PP corrugated boxes, Foam Fitment, Crates, Export Packaging, Material Handling Fabricated trolley.
  • Fabrication - Heavy duty fabrication work both offsite & onsite
  • Manpower Supply through BROTHERS ENTERPRISE - Pharma Industry, Heavy Engineering, Textile Industry - Onboard 300 manpower effective right now.

Specialist : PP corrugated box, Foam fitments, Palletization, Truck Optimization, Trolley for internal material handling, Customized fabrication work. PP Box Manufacturer & Supplier in Ahmedabad and Polypropylene Corrugated Box Manufacturer


High Quality PP Box & Tray Supplier

how we will work with your project ?

Meet, Discuss, Analyse your requirement, Propose solution and freeze the requirement

Product Development & Validation

Create prototype sample validate with actual part and against the drawing
Take the approval for mass production


Manufacturing as per agreed drawing or approved samples

Quality Test

Pre dispatched quality inspections as per drawing or approved samples


Delivery as per committed timeline after prior approval to dispatch

Customer Feedback

Customer satisfaction is in our core DNA hence we own the complete responsibility of customer satisfaction

Industries We Serve
We Serve to various Industries

Project Completed


Man Power


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